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Asset Integrity, Inspections, NDT and Corrosion Management

Our Asset Integrity Division has expertise to manage the integrity of the physical assets which includes maintenance, inspection, and renewal. The criticality of these tasks requires experts who are competent and experienced, such as those in Primus. Our employees have the expertise to deliver on such projects to high expectations.

The integration of our resources is effectively utilised in carrying out all projects required for asset integrity management which helps in maximising return on assets while maintaining the company value and minimising risks associated with accidents and loss of production.
Primus industry standard approach for the implementation of asset integrity management includes:

  • ◦   Listing of Assets
  • ◦   Assessment of Risk
  • ◦   Prioritization and Planning of Inspection Activities
  • ◦   Inspection activities carried out by experts
  • ◦   Analysis of the results and recommendation
  • ◦   Repair, Alteration & Rework
  • ◦   Reporting and follow-up including Recertification

We are able to serve both onshore and offshore production and process facilities; offering these services individually or as a complete integrity management solution. They include:

  • ◦   Corrosion monitoring survey / On Stream Inspection
  • ◦   Reliability Engineering / Risk Based Inspection Shut down inspection and documentation
  • ◦   Static Equipment Inspection and Certification
  • ◦   Rotating Equipment Inspection and Certification
  • ◦   Pressure Equipment Inspection and Certification of Failure Analysis and Recommendation


Inspection Services

We provide independent Inspection & NDT Services through our highly qualified and trained engineers and technicians. We offer both Onshore and Offshore related services to Oil & Gas, Marine and Petrochemical sector undertaking daily, short term and long term projects as required. Our Inspection & NDT team put utmost emphasis on international best practice and strict adherence to internationally and nationally recognised standards of excellence.

The third party inspection and expending includes all Process, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Systems, Piping, Civil /Structural Module Inspection.

Our NDT Services includes:

  • ◦   Radiography Testing
  • ◦   Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
  • ◦   Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
  • ◦   Magnetic Particle Testing
  • ◦   Dye Penetrant Testing
  • ◦   Positive Material  Identification
  • ◦   Eddy Current Testing
  • ◦   Infrared Thermography Testing
  • ◦   Vibration Analysis
  • ◦   Visual Testing
  • ◦   Ferrite Measurement
  • ◦   NDT 7 Level III Consultancy
  • ◦   Long Range Ultrasonic Testing
  • ◦   Corrosion Scanning
  • ◦   Remote Visual Testing